Setting up remote compilation

Dringend allows you to build and run apps by connecting to your development Mac at home and using your Mac to build the app and send the output back to Dringend.

To enable this simply download The which acts as the build server for Dringend. Follow the simple set up instructions below and from there the app will handle everything.

The build server also automatically sets up port forwarding on your router so that no matter where you are in the world you will be able to build and run your apps from Dringend.

Download The now

Usage instructions

A video guide (following the below instructions) for projects using manual code signing can be found here.

On your Mac

After downloading The Constructor open the app up and either use the default port or enter a port you wish the build server to use on your Mac.

If your Xcode projects use the recommended automatic code signing (you can check this in Xcode's project settings) then leave the Code Signing Identity field blank and select 'Use project defaults' as the provisioning profile.

If your projects use manual code signing then you'll need the name of your Code Signing Identity. To find this, open up Keychain Access then search for the certificate beginning with 'iPhone Developer'. For example iPhone Developer: John Doe (XTR9QGBT72) - this is your Code Signing Identity. Enter this into the field in The Constructor and then select a provisioning profile which includes the device(s) Dringend is installed on.

Lastly, note down the IP address of your Mac. You can find this by simply searching 'my ip' in Google.

On your iPad

In Dringend, open an existing project, navigate to the 'Issues' tab and tap 'Hosts' in the top left corner then 'New Host'.

You will then need to enter a name for your 'Host', as well as the IP address of your build server you noted down earlier and also the port you set The Constructor to use. Once you've done so tap 'Save' or 'Done' and your build server will be added and automatically selected.

All done! Now you can build and run your projects on your device from Dringend.