How do I set up building & running my projects on the iPad?

Easy! All you need is a Mac running The Constructor.app, a video guide to set it up can be found here and listed instructions here.

When I press run, the app builds and installs but when I try to open it, it won't open.

Please ensure that the provisioning profile you have selected in The Constructor.app has the iPad you are running Dringend on as one of the provisioned devices.

The Constructor.app tells me that port forwarding has failed, what do I do?

Don't panic, we've got it all under control. This means that the app was unable to automatically set up port forwarding. Without port forwarding you'd only be able to build and run your projects on your local network using the build servers private IP. If you want to enable port forwarding so that you can still build and run your projects on the go then you will have to do this manually. Fortunately however portforward.com has plenty of guides to help you with that.

Code editor

How do I replace all occurrences of a string in the code rather than just going through one by one?

After using the find & replace functionality to search for the string your looking for and enter the replacement string, long press on the Replace button and you will see two additional options appear to Replace All, and to Replace in Selection.

Are bluetooth keyboards supported?

Of course! Text selection, arrow keys and everything your used to is supported, just connect your keyboard to the iPad and your away.

How do I quickly access other characters which are displayed on keys in the keybar?

You'll notice that some keys on the keybar have multiple characters displayed within them. To insert these characters it's just as simple as long pressing on the key and using your finger to highlight the character you want to insert.