What's New in Dringend 1.2

on Sat July 26, '14

Dringend 1.2 has passed review and should be appearing in the App Store as we speak. I've been very excited to get it out to you and have been hard at work on it in the past months. This post will summarize some of the key new features in 1.2, those that you (and I) have been excited about most. This post will cover the key new features in 1.2, however if you also want the full release notes, feel free to check them out here.

Git support

Cloning a git repository

Firstly, Git support. A main aim for this version of Dringend was to provide comprehensive support for Git and a lot of work has been put into this. Repositories can be cloned (with or without submodules) using their HTTPS URL and authentication can be provided if necessary.

NB: If you are entering details for a GitHub account with two-factor authentication then a 'Personal access token' will have to be generated and used as the password

Resolving conflicts

After cloning your project you have access to all the standard Git functionality; staging files and committing them as well as pulling and pushing to remotes. Dringend will even handle conflicts when they occur and display a clean interface to resolve any conflicts.

Viewing/changing repository settings

Dringend also allows you to switch branches and in the repository settings you are able to create new remotes as well as check out specific submodules if you so wish.

Project-wide file search

Searching the project

'Find & replace' functionality has existed since 1.0 however it is now possible to search across the whole project for files whose name or contents match a string or a regular expression. Snippets of the text around the match are also displayed in the results to aid searching by providing some context.

Smart bracket detection

An addition in 1.2 to make editing easier. Now when taping the bracket keys in the key bar, Dringend will insert the most appropriate bracket for the current caret location. This is particularly helpful in portrait mode when all the brackets are under one key. For example, if you type [, then tapping the key again will close the bracket by inserting ] (this will work with nested brackets too). Of course, this works similarly with the multiple bracket keys in landscape too.

'Open in…' functionality

A smaller addition but still I think worth mentioning. Zipped projects can now be imported into Dringend from other apps (such as Mail or Safari) via the 'Open in…' function.

Wrapping up

Those are the main features added but there are also a number of bug fixes too, some of which relate to issues which arose in iOS 8. The majority of the critical iOS 8 bugs have been fixed and the rest will be rectified in the next update in time for iOS 8's public release.

If you have any questions, feedback or simply need help with something then please do ping us an email, pop a tweet our way or post to the issue tracker.

Also, I'd be extremely grateful if you could take a moment to post a review for the app. Dringend will never prompt you to post a review, so if you have a moment now, it would be much obliged.

Lastly, I'd like to give a big thanks to all of you who have provided such great feedback, feature requests, bug reports and who have helped out with beta testing. There are many more exciting features to come and your feedback has been vital. Thank you.